Are You Ready To Ruin Your Sports Career?

Are you ready to ruin your sports career, after having spent many years honing the skills of a specific sport? This is likely to happen if you try to boost your on-field performance with the help of performance-boosting drugs. If you have the ability and the dedication, you can easily beat other competitors without resorting to drugs. Unfortunately, not all athletes understand this point of view and often take drugs such as:

• Creatine (allows muscles to generate more energy)
• Stimulants (increases aggressiveness, endurance, and reduces fatigue)
• Anabolic steroids (increases muscle mass and strength… a favorite among weight lifters and bodybuilders)
• Androstenedione (allows athletes to train harder and recover quickly)
• Human growth hormone (enhances performance and muscle mass)
• Cannabis (increases pain threshold and ease anxiety)

The unfortunate part
The unfortunate part is that traces of such drugs remain in the athlete’s body for 15 days to three months depending on its location. Traces of drugs remain in the testicles of athletes for approximately 15 days. Tests conducted by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) can easily detect the presence of the above-mentioned drugs when an athlete is subjected to a urine test. Forget about using stuff like “fake urine” as the WADA specialists have full knowledge about it, and nowadays demand that athletes pass urine in their presence. This prevents them from dropping the “fake urine” in the receptacle and mixing it with water to form a liquid that resembles real urine. No doubt, you might stop taking drugs 15 days before the event. However, the performance-enhancing capabilities of the drug will have diminished by then. Athletes soon started taking special formulations to detoxify their system and remove traces of drug just a day or two before the test date.

WADA is smarter than you think
Be prepared for a shock and be ready to be confused when the authorities of WADA pluck a couple of hair from your scalp or chest. They will put it through a hair follicle test to check for traces of banned substances. For your information, drug traces remain in your hair follicles up to 90 days after you have stopped taking them. If you test positive, be prepared to face penalties like fines, suspension from competing in professional competitions, being banned for many years, as well as being stripped of titles you may have won. However, there is no need to panic, as you can easily remove all traces of drugs from your hair follicles with the help of detoxifying shampoos. The active agents of these shampoos break inside your hair follicles to remove drug toxins. Ensure that you purchase a reputed brand of such a shampoo, as not all detox shampoos work as claimed. For more information about passing hair follicle drug test, visit

Quickest Ways To Get THC Out Of Your Body

There are numerous reasons you may want to get THC out of your system, but the most likely reason could be you have an upcoming marijuana drug test. Today, many organizations are drug testing for new hires just to be sure that they are hiring the best candidate for their firm. Individuals who may have been involved in an accident may also undergo a drug test. You may take a drug test in different ways including the following:

Types of Sample for Drug Tests

Urine Sample: The doctor will collect urine and test it for particular drugs. Depending on the type or class of drugs, the metabolites may stay in the blood for shorter or longer period after drug use. Today, urine drug tests are not common today used because it may not show the presence of alcohol in the body after only a few days of taking alcohol.

Breathe Sample: The most common drug tested by this method is alcohol. It is used to test the amount or drug levels in the body of a person. The disadvantages of breathalyzer are that it can only determine the current alcohol content or levels and does not help to show the amount of drug previously taken. The most obvious downside is that it only tests for alcohol.

Hair: Perhaps this is the most dreaded drug test by most people owing to its thoroughness and ability to show THC in the body. An effective hair drug test can detect the existence of metabolites up to 3 months after quitting. It is not easy to cheat on this drug test and what makes this type of test the best is the fact that it is less invasive than other types of drug testing. This makes it the most popular drug testing at places of work. Some people have come to imagine that a thorough shave will help them pass a hair drug test, but the sad news is that hair from any part of the body can be used to take the test. Beware that showing up for an interview with a fresh shave may just mean a lost opportunity. Although there are other methods of testing for metabolites in the body, they are often not readily used as hair follicle or urine testing because they are more invasive (they involve drawing blood).

Use Detox Shampoos to Rid the Metabolites from Your System

If you are heading for a drug test and feel you will be subjected to a hair follicle test, you may want to perform a detox. Detox shampoo has proven to be one of the best ways of beating drug test, but you need to review several options to choose the best one. Some detox shampoos claim to penetrate the hair follicle to clear the traces of metabolites. But you need to be wary of the damaging effects of such shampoos if this is how they work. You also need to be aware that new hair growth will contain traces of metabolites, even if the treatment works. For more information about how to pass the drug test visit

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test

If you are in an industry that requires stakeholders to maintain a drug-free work environment, you cannot afford to fail a drug test. This is because you may get fired, demoted or have your job application rejected. Usually, stakeholders in certain industries, such as the sporting industry, construction, and transportation, are required to undergo drug tests to ensure that the industry is drug-free. After all, athletes who use drugs normally have a competitive advantage over their competition, so drug use cannot be tolerated. On the other hand, drug use at a construction site will not only lead to serious injuries, it may also compromise the structural integrity of the building as workers may fail to adhere to strict guidelines.

Common Types of Drug Tests

There are four common types of drug tests. The first is the urine drug test. This is the most popular as well as the most effective. This is because every drug, compound or toxin that gets into the body must go through the kidney and get flushed out through the urine. The second type of drug test is the blood drug test. This is also quite common. Since drugs must get into the bloodstream for distribution to different parts of the body, a simple drug test will reveal all the different types of steroids or drugs that a person has used. The saliva drug test is also a common type of drug test. A saliva sample is normally extracted from the inner walls of the cheeks of the test subject. Last, but not least, is the hair follicle drug test.

About Hair Follicle Drug Testing

This type of drug test has one main advantage over the other types of drug tests; it shows the subject’s history of drug use. As hair grows, it keeps track of the drugs you use as traces of the toxins can be found on hair follicles. To pass a hair drug test, therefore, you need to get rid of your hair. Since you cannot cut all your hair just to pass a hair follicle drug test, you should consider trimming it and using hair purification shampoos to get rid of traces of drugs that may still appear on your hair.

There are many types of hair purification shampoos that you can use to clean toxins from your hair. Be sure to take your time to compare all of them and pick one that has the best reputation and many positive reviews. To get the best results, be sure to wash your hair with the shampoo at least twice a day. This should be in the morning as well as in the evening before you go to bed. Be sure to also buy a drug test kit to confirm that you can pass the drug test.

Home Urine Drug Testing For Your Teen

Has your teen suddenly changed, is spending most of the time with a bad group of friends, or is beginning to fail in school? All indications may be that he or she could be on drugs. Today, many parents are struggling with teens that are on drugs, it is becoming increasingly easy for most of the parents to know if their kids are on drugs. With the advent of home drug testing kits, parents can now be able to drug test their teens. However, while drug testing at home may seem an easy task to understanding if your teen is addicted to drugs, it is not certainly the easiest thing to do.

Many drug testing kits are not reliable, and your teen may not be willing to be tested. Although some methods are better than others, parents are advised to be careful when approaching this delicate matter. You can check with your pediatrician to help you assess whether or not your teen is struggling with the problem of drugs. If you feel home drug test kits are not the answer, you can resort to a lab test. Your doctor will assist you in ordering a test, processing and interpreting the results in an accurate manner.

The current legislation requires that your teen takes the test knowingly. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not allow parents to take drug tests on their kids without their consent. There are many types of drug tests that you can perform on your teen today. They include urine drug test, saliva drug test, and hair follicle drug test.

Urine Drug Testing

This is perhaps the most common drug test today. However, this type of test has its own limits, and those wishing to use it should be aware of its drawbacks. Some of the shortcomings include:

The urine drug test may not show all illicit drugs. Studies have shown that most urine tests do not detect LSD, Ecstasy, anabolic steroid and Ketamine use. In some cases, the test may not detect alcohol, a substance that most teens are likely to abuse. The test results may not be accurate (may be a false negative). Some drugs are only detectable after a short time of use. Parents need to be cautious of urine tests that do not detect certain drugs since such tests may give misleading information about their teens.

The good news is that the best urine tests are on the market and will show marijuana use days after quitting the drugs. Be careful to ensure that the drug test you are using does not detect allergy medicine or traces of legal painkillers such as naproxen as these medicines have similar signs of marijuana. For more information about drug testing visit

Drug Testing For A Healthy Workforce

According to the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention, many schools in the U.S began drug testing for students in 2006 and the number of schools adopting this program is increasing day-by-day. Testing usually involves various ways of determining the presence of drug substances such as cocaine and amphetamines.

A drug testing program is tricky, especially if you are a first-timer but this can be made a little easier if you rely on the reputable doctor. Whether you are testing for cocaine, marijuana, opiates, alcohol or PCP, you need the right drug test kits. The amount of time that traces of drugs will remain in the blood depends on numerous reasons but mostly on the amount of drug someone consumes. Here are some pieces of advice on how to get rid of THC from your blood.

Total Abstinence

Many people are reserved about abstaining, especially if someone already has the substance in the body and is looking forward to a drug test. If you want a true negative result to come back, you certainly know that abstinence is the only way out. This is the surest way of passing a periodic test. Some people say taking THC detox drinks is a natural way of fast-tracking the detox. Exercises, eating right especially foods rich in fiber can help you clear THC from your body. However, many who have tried this approach may experience withdrawal syndrome.

Internal Drug Flush

There are many detox products that you can use to remove toxins. The product you choose will depend on how long you have been on drugs. Flush detox products are expensive but are effective in ridding the metabolites of your body system. If you wish to test yourself before the actual drug test at work, you can use test strips. THC has metabolites that take long before being cleared from the body. However, you can clear metabolites faster by taking lots of fluids, workouts and detoxifying the body. If your body cannot detox naturally, you can buy detox kit or detox shampoos. Be sure to research the drugs before buying the tested results.

The fact that you have positive results may not mean that you are on some illegal drugs because some medications and foods have similar indications. You can purchase home drug test kits just to be sure you are free of the substances before you appear for the actual test.

With the growing need for a healthy workforce, it is becoming increasingly challenging to pass a drug test. People who have abused drugs before can review a number of products out there to help you pass the impending drug test. Do not be cheated that shaving your hair will help you beat the hair follicle drug test. In fact, a freshly shaven head is a telltale sign that you are a suspect for illegal drugs.

The Importance Of Drug Tests

There are many different types of drugs in existence. The most common, however, is; alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines, barbiturates, opiates, steroids and many others. While some of these drugs may be legal, others are illegal. Whatever their legal status or classification, different industries have a zero tolerance policy for drug use. If you have been exposed to any type of toxin that has been banned by your employer or industry regulators, the consequences of failing a drug test can be quite serious. If you are a professional sportsperson, you may be banned from the sport for several years if you test positive for steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs. If you are in the transportation, construction or law enforcement industries, on the other hand, you may get fired if you fail the test. If you are seeking employment in any of these industries, you may also have your job application rejected if you test positive.

Why Drug Tests are Done

Drug tests are normally done on hair, urine, blood or saliva samples. Since some drugs are harmful to human health while others may lead to absenteeism, employers normally carry out drug tests to ensure employees are productive at all times to improve safety at the workplace as well as to reduce employee turnover. After all, employees who miss work regularly have to be replaced. In the construction and transportation industries, employers have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use mainly because of safety reasons. After all, construction zones are dangerous workplaces that require hard hats, safety boots, and goggles to keep workers safe. In the transportation industry, drivers, captains of ships and airline pilots are responsible for passenger and cargo safety, so any form of intoxication cannot be tolerated. In fact, if an airline pilot, captain of a passenger ship or bus driver is found to be intoxicated, criminal proceedings can be imposed on them. Therefore, you should either avoid using drugs, or you should learn how to pass a drug test if you have already been exposed to banned toxins.

How to Pass a Drug Test

If you have used any type of drug, the best way to pass a drug test is to go into a detoxification program. There are many full-body detox programs on the market that can help you to flush out all the toxins from your body. However, it is important to note that going into a detox program will only help you pass a urine, blood and saliva drug test. A hair drug test will still come out positive since hair stores traces of drugs used over a period of weeks or months. If you have been wondering how to pass a hair follicle drug test, you will be happy to know that you only need to cut your hair and use a hair purification shampoo.

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