The Importance Of Drug Tests

There are many different types of drugs in existence. The most common, however, is; alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines, barbiturates, opiates, steroids and many others. While some of these drugs may be legal, others are illegal. Whatever their legal status or classification, different industries have a zero tolerance policy for drug use. If you have been exposed to any type of toxin that has been banned by your employer or industry regulators, the consequences of failing a drug test can be quite serious. If you are a professional sportsperson, you may be banned from the sport for several years if you test positive for steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs. If you are in the transportation, construction or law enforcement industries, on the other hand, you may get fired if you fail the test. If you are seeking employment in any of these industries, you may also have your job application rejected if you test positive.

Why Drug Tests are Done

Drug tests are normally done on hair, urine, blood or saliva samples. Since some drugs are harmful to human health while others may lead to absenteeism, employers normally carry out drug tests to ensure employees are productive at all times to improve safety at the workplace as well as to reduce employee turnover. After all, employees who miss work regularly have to be replaced. In the construction and transportation industries, employers have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use mainly because of safety reasons. After all, construction zones are dangerous workplaces that require hard hats, safety boots, and goggles to keep workers safe. In the transportation industry, drivers, captains of ships and airline pilots are responsible for passenger and cargo safety, so any form of intoxication cannot be tolerated. In fact, if an airline pilot, captain of a passenger ship or bus driver is found to be intoxicated, criminal proceedings can be imposed on them. Therefore, you should either avoid using drugs, or you should learn how to pass a drug test if you have already been exposed to banned toxins.

How to Pass a Drug Test

If you have used any type of drug, the best way to pass a drug test is to go into a detoxification program. There are many full-body detox programs on the market that can help you to flush out all the toxins from your body. However, it is important to note that going into a detox program will only help you pass a urine, blood and saliva drug test. A hair drug test will still come out positive since hair stores traces of drugs used over a period of weeks or months. If you have been wondering how to pass a hair follicle drug test, you will be happy to know that you only need to cut your hair and use a hair purification shampoo.

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