Are You Ready To Ruin Your Sports Career?

Are you ready to ruin your sports career, after having spent many years honing the skills of a specific sport? This is likely to happen if you try to boost your on-field performance with the help of performance-boosting drugs. If you have the ability and the dedication, you can easily beat other competitors without resorting to drugs. Unfortunately, not all athletes understand this point of view and often take drugs such as:

• Creatine (allows muscles to generate more energy)
• Stimulants (increases aggressiveness, endurance, and reduces fatigue)
• Anabolic steroids (increases muscle mass and strength… a favorite among weight lifters and bodybuilders)
• Androstenedione (allows athletes to train harder and recover quickly)
• Human growth hormone (enhances performance and muscle mass)
• Cannabis (increases pain threshold and ease anxiety)

The unfortunate part
The unfortunate part is that traces of such drugs remain in the athlete’s body for 15 days to three months depending on its location. Traces of drugs remain in the testicles of athletes for approximately 15 days. Tests conducted by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) can easily detect the presence of the above-mentioned drugs when an athlete is subjected to a urine test. Forget about using stuff like “fake urine” as the WADA specialists have full knowledge about it, and nowadays demand that athletes pass urine in their presence. This prevents them from dropping the “fake urine” in the receptacle and mixing it with water to form a liquid that resembles real urine. No doubt, you might stop taking drugs 15 days before the event. However, the performance-enhancing capabilities of the drug will have diminished by then. Athletes soon started taking special formulations to detoxify their system and remove traces of drug just a day or two before the test date.

WADA is smarter than you think
Be prepared for a shock and be ready to be confused when the authorities of WADA pluck a couple of hair from your scalp or chest. They will put it through a hair follicle test to check for traces of banned substances. For your information, drug traces remain in your hair follicles up to 90 days after you have stopped taking them. If you test positive, be prepared to face penalties like fines, suspension from competing in professional competitions, being banned for many years, as well as being stripped of titles you may have won. However, there is no need to panic, as you can easily remove all traces of drugs from your hair follicles with the help of detoxifying shampoos. The active agents of these shampoos break inside your hair follicles to remove drug toxins. Ensure that you purchase a reputed brand of such a shampoo, as not all detox shampoos work as claimed. For more information about passing hair follicle drug test, visit