Quickest Ways To Get THC Out Of Your Body

There are numerous reasons you may want to get THC out of your system, but the most likely reason could be you have an upcoming marijuana drug test. Today, many organizations are drug testing for new hires just to be sure that they are hiring the best candidate for their firm. Individuals who may have been involved in an accident may also undergo a drug test. You may take a drug test in different ways including the following:

Types of Sample for Drug Tests

Urine Sample: The doctor will collect urine and test it for particular drugs. Depending on the type or class of drugs, the metabolites may stay in the blood for shorter or longer period after drug use. Today, urine drug tests are not common today used because it may not show the presence of alcohol in the body after only a few days of taking alcohol.

Breathe Sample: The most common drug tested by this method is alcohol. It is used to test the amount or drug levels in the body of a person. The disadvantages of breathalyzer are that it can only determine the current alcohol content or levels and does not help to show the amount of drug previously taken. The most obvious downside is that it only tests for alcohol.

Hair: Perhaps this is the most dreaded drug test by most people owing to its thoroughness and ability to show THC in the body. An effective hair drug test can detect the existence of metabolites up to 3 months after quitting. It is not easy to cheat on this drug test and what makes this type of test the best is the fact that it is less invasive than other types of drug testing. This makes it the most popular drug testing at places of work. Some people have come to imagine that a thorough shave will help them pass a hair drug test, but the sad news is that hair from any part of the body can be used to take the test. Beware that showing up for an interview with a fresh shave may just mean a lost opportunity. Although there are other methods of testing for metabolites in the body, they are often not readily used as hair follicle or urine testing because they are more invasive (they involve drawing blood).

Use Detox Shampoos to Rid the Metabolites from Your System

If you are heading for a drug test and feel you will be subjected to a hair follicle test, you may want to perform a detox. Detox shampoo has proven to be one of the best ways of beating drug test, but you need to review several options to choose the best one. Some detox shampoos claim to penetrate the hair follicle to clear the traces of metabolites. But you need to be wary of the damaging effects of such shampoos if this is how they work. You also need to be aware that new hair growth will contain traces of metabolites, even if the treatment works. For more information about how to pass the drug test visit http://www.getridofthc.com.

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