How To Pass A Hair Drug Test

If you are in an industry that requires stakeholders to maintain a drug-free work environment, you cannot afford to fail a drug test. This is because you may get fired, demoted or have your job application rejected. Usually, stakeholders in certain industries, such as the sporting industry, construction, and transportation, are required to undergo drug tests to ensure that the industry is drug-free. After all, athletes who use drugs normally have a competitive advantage over their competition, so drug use cannot be tolerated. On the other hand, drug use at a construction site will not only lead to serious injuries, it may also compromise the structural integrity of the building as workers may fail to adhere to strict guidelines.

Common Types of Drug Tests

There are four common types of drug tests. The first is the urine drug test. This is the most popular as well as the most effective. This is because every drug, compound or toxin that gets into the body must go through the kidney and get flushed out through the urine. The second type of drug test is the blood drug test. This is also quite common. Since drugs must get into the bloodstream for distribution to different parts of the body, a simple drug test will reveal all the different types of steroids or drugs that a person has used. The saliva drug test is also a common type of drug test. A saliva sample is normally extracted from the inner walls of the cheeks of the test subject. Last, but not least, is the hair follicle drug test.

About Hair Follicle Drug Testing

This type of drug test has one main advantage over the other types of drug tests; it shows the subject’s history of drug use. As hair grows, it keeps track of the drugs you use as traces of the toxins can be found on hair follicles. To pass a hair drug test, therefore, you need to get rid of your hair. Since you cannot cut all your hair just to pass a hair follicle drug test, you should consider trimming it and using hair purification shampoos to get rid of traces of drugs that may still appear on your hair.

There are many types of hair purification shampoos that you can use to clean toxins from your hair. Be sure to take your time to compare all of them and pick one that has the best reputation and many positive reviews. To get the best results, be sure to wash your hair with the shampoo at least twice a day. This should be in the morning as well as in the evening before you go to bed. Be sure to also buy a drug test kit to confirm that you can pass the drug test.

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