Home Urine Drug Testing For Your Teen

Has your teen suddenly changed, is spending most of the time with a bad group of friends, or is beginning to fail in school? All indications may be that he or she could be on drugs. Today, many parents are struggling with teens that are on drugs, it is becoming increasingly easy for most of the parents to know if their kids are on drugs. With the advent of home drug testing kits, parents can now be able to drug test their teens. However, while drug testing at home may seem an easy task to understanding if your teen is addicted to drugs, it is not certainly the easiest thing to do.

Many drug testing kits are not reliable, and your teen may not be willing to be tested. Although some methods are better than others, parents are advised to be careful when approaching this delicate matter. You can check with your pediatrician to help you assess whether or not your teen is struggling with the problem of drugs. If you feel home drug test kits are not the answer, you can resort to a lab test. Your doctor will assist you in ordering a test, processing and interpreting the results in an accurate manner.

The current legislation requires that your teen takes the test knowingly. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not allow parents to take drug tests on their kids without their consent. There are many types of drug tests that you can perform on your teen today. They include urine drug test, saliva drug test, and hair follicle drug test.

Urine Drug Testing

This is perhaps the most common drug test today. However, this type of test has its own limits, and those wishing to use it should be aware of its drawbacks. Some of the shortcomings include:

The urine drug test may not show all illicit drugs. Studies have shown that most urine tests do not detect LSD, Ecstasy, anabolic steroid and Ketamine use. In some cases, the test may not detect alcohol, a substance that most teens are likely to abuse. The test results may not be accurate (may be a false negative). Some drugs are only detectable after a short time of use. Parents need to be cautious of urine tests that do not detect certain drugs since such tests may give misleading information about their teens.

The good news is that the best urine tests are on the market and will show marijuana use days after quitting the drugs. Be careful to ensure that the drug test you are using does not detect allergy medicine or traces of legal painkillers such as naproxen as these medicines have similar signs of marijuana. For more information about drug testing visit http://bestathomedrugtest.com.

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